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Charu Khare

Founder and Director, Aasra the helping hands

Driven by an unwavering passion for animal welfare, Charu Khare, a former journalist, embarked on a meaningful journey in 2019. Fueled by a deep empathy for voiceless creatures, she founded Aasra, the helping hands, a haven dedicated to the well-being and rehoming of rescued animals.

With a resolute spirit, Charu champions the cause of Desi Dogs, advocating for their adoption and spearheading the fight against animal cruelty. Her unwavering dedication guides each aspect of the shelter's operations, ensuring that every animal receives the highest quality care and a loving home.

Meet the founder

Teena Shukla

For Teena, the love for animals holds a special place in her heart. This passion has led her to become a dedicated volunteer at the Aasra.

She tackles her role with unshakable dedication. Whether it's providing gentle care to animals or raising awareness about animal welfare, her efforts touch the lives of countless creatures.

Team Aasra

Purna Khare
Animal Cruelty cases in-charge

Purna's commitment to animal welfare shines through in her tireless work as a full-time advocate. For the past four years, she has tackled every cruelty case that crossed her path, fighting for the rights of animals and safeguarding their well-being.

She is driven by her dream of a world where all creatures can live with dignity and respect, free from suffering and abuse.

Vikas Tiwari
Event and Media

Vikas is a working IT professional who has a passion for both technology and animal welfare. He has found a unique way to combine his technical expertise with his deep love for animals by creating stunning posters and banners that raise awareness about animal conservation.

He uses his creative talents to educate the public about critical issues that animals are facing on daily basis.

Rahul Verma
Rescuer and Paravet

Rahul is a remarkable individual who embodies the spirit of compassion and dedication. Alongside his rigorous preparation for competitive exams, Rahul has devoted the past eight years to a noble cause: alleviating the suffering of voiceless creatures.

His dream is to become a successful person so that in the future, no speechless person dies on the street without treatment.

At aasra, we have a vision of making it a place where homeless and voiceless souls can live happily forever.


Aasra is Non-government Trust who works in social welfare field. It is based out of Lucknow but we also provide services to neighboring areas like Kanpur, Raibarely, Ayodhya, Hardoi.

Over the years, we have rescued and rehabilitated many street dogs. The care we provide to indie dogs, including behavior intervention, feeding drive, medical assistance and ongoing support after adoption, make us one of the top choices for pet adoption in the region.

What we stand for

Adopt don't shop
Say no to Cruelty
Animal Rights Advocacy
a hand protecting heart against cruelty
a hand protecting heart against cruelty

Animals feel pain and emotions as we do. They need love not hatred.

By law, animals have rights too. Their space and lives should be respected.

Homeless dogs need forever homes as much as we do.

You every donation is accounted for.

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