Helping Hearts, Healing Paws

dog biting Thank You mail paper
dog biting Thank You mail paper


We stand for adoption rather than purchasing a pet. Because most of the pets you shop for come from genetically compromised parents who are kept in inhumane conditions, only to produce offspring.

When you adopt you give a homeless soul a second chance at happiness. Our shelter kids are medically fit and ready to transform your life with unconditional love.

  • Why adopt a Desi Dog

Open your heart and home


Open your arms and home for a short-term, life-changing experience. Foster a dog or cat in need, showering them with love and care until their forever family arrives.

Give a Temporary Haven, Make a Lasting Impact

Shelter Supply

Help us create a comfortable and secure environment for our furry residents. Contribute essential supplies that make our shelter a home – from cozy bedding to nutritious meals. Your donations directly impact the well-being of animals in our care.

Every Little Bit Helps


Explore our wishlist and directly fulfill the needs of our shelter residents. From toys that bring joy to medical supplies that aid recovery, each item contributes to the well-being of our furry friends.

Gift Love, One Item at a Time


Join our passionate team of volunteers and make a hands-on difference in the lives of animals. Whether it's walking dogs, socializing with cats, or assisting with daily operations, your time and compassion are invaluable. Be a vital part of our mission to create a better world for animals.

It doesn't require any specific skills except a kind heart and compassion for animals. You can come and volunteer for a few hours, a few days or a few months!

Lend a Hand, Make a World of Difference

Animals are gift to humans