Things we always need

While we absolutely love and prefer monetary donations for their incredible impact on our planning and resource management, we also have a wish list filled with items that can be a bit elusive in India.

If you're in the mood for some direct giving, feel free to pick something from our wish list. Your generosity, in any form, makes a huge difference!

Pet care supplies

  • Treats for Dog and Cat

  • Interactive toys

  • Cat house/Dog beds

  • Easy walk harnesses (S,M,L)/Leashes

  • Cages (M, L)

  • Feeding bottles for puppies and kittens

  • Heaters and Heat pads

  • Plastic sheets/Towels

Cleaning supplies

  • Paper towel

  • Garbage bag

  • Dish soap

  • Air freshners

  • Dry shampoo for skin infections

Useful Items

  • Used Laptops/Phons

  • Used backpacks.pouches

  • Used printers

  • Small scales for weighing puppies and kittens


Please contact us before donating any items. We will update you on what we currently need. Our requirements change based on recent cases we are dealing with.

Call/WhatsApp : 6388 979 130

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